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Our company has a glorious history. To make a splendid future, we should develop continuously. Using the extraordinary technology and understanding the medical market, Yichang Humanwell will gradually develop products with independent intellectual property (including general anesthetics, local anesthetics, muscle relaxants, psychotropic drugs, and antagonists, etc.), based on the development of narcotic analgesics. Yichang Humanwell will enhance the using levels of narcotic drugs in China, and become a model enterprise in the field of narcotic analgesics in China pharmaceutical industry.
"Do not seek fame, just work for the people". I believe, with our extraordinary technology, professional dedication of integrity and high quality products, we will meet the needs of customers. "Every person healthy and every family happy", this is the best wishes of our staff. Let's work hard to realize the most beautiful dream!
Company Philosophy
Every person healthy and every family happy.
Company Core Value
Revering life, respecting science, sharing results.
Company Vision
Provide the first-class products and service; Let the company's life tree be evergreen!
Company Mission
Improve life quality, create life happiness.
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