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Yichang Humanwell values its long term development in China and devotes to researching and developing, introducing, producing and promoting innovative drugs, giving tireless and continuous effort to enhance the level of health care in China. It mainly engages in producing and sale of narcotic drugs (API & dosage forms), non-narcotic drugs. The products being sold currently mainly are:
Narcotic Drugs (API and finished dosage formulation): the company is the first product base of the drugs used in anesthesiology department with the products covering analgesia, sedative, general anesthesia, local anesthesia, muscle relaxants and antagonism area.
Non-narcotic Drugs: There are over 100 kinds of non-narcotic products, relating to several medical fields, including anti-microbial, anti-infective, anticonvulsant, respiratory system drugs, cerebral metabolism, digestive system drugs, vitamins, etc.
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